Replacement Diploma Request Form 

Should a diploma be lost, stolen, or damaged, a replacement diploma may be requested by supplying the original or by submitting the police report or insurance claim. A replacement diploma may also be requested if your name has changed, by supplying the original or submitting name change documentation. There is a $25 fee for replacement diplomas. 

Please note a diploma cannot be issued until a student has submitted their Application for Graduation and is free from any and all holds.

Replacement diplomas will be issued with the current office holders' signatures (President, Dean, Registrar, Chancellor). 

Indicate how you would like your name to appear on your diploma. Please clearly identify any accent marks. Middle names, initials, or suffixes like "Jr." or "III" are not required, but you may include them if that is your preference.
Diploma Mailing Address

After all necessary documentation is submitted, your diploma will be mailed here. Typically diplomas are received within 3-4 weeks.