Credential Verification Form

Please fill out this form to submit proof of bachelor's degree to be approved to take a non-degree graduate-level course and/or certificate. Graduate-level courses are numbered 500 and above.

For more information on what documentation is required, see our Enrolling in a Graduate Certificate or Individual Course page.

Important note: this form does NOT need to be completed if you wish to enroll in a non-degree undergraduate course or certificate (levels 100-400). Keep in mind that is also has no bearing on the Berklee Online Master's degree program.
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Please provide a copy of your undergraduate transcript: .JPEG or .PDF preferred

**Please note, we cannot accept copies of diplomas in lieu of transcripts**
Please provide a copy of your post-secondary academic record/grade report and a copy of your diploma/title: .JPEG or .PDF preferred

Important Note: we require students to submit copies of their transcript/grade report, which details the courses you completed and the marks you received in them. In addition to this, we require a copy of your diploma/title. Do not only submit a copy of your diploma/title. If you do, you will be asked to provided additional documentation, which will delay this process further.