Berklee Online Policy Appeals Form

This form may be used by students to request an exception to the Berklee Online Policies in cases of extenuating circumstances. Please review the policies and deadlines prior to submitting a petition.
Students are advised to explain the events or circumstances that necessitate the exception, such as unexpected personal or family problems or illness, as well as provide documentation to support the appeal. Be sure to read all instructions below carefully, and understand that the quality of the information you submit will influence the committee’s final decision.

Approved petitions are considered to be a one-time exception to posted policies and deadlines; multiple or repeated petitions for the same exception will be denied without review unless students can demonstrate circumstances beyond their control. Lack of knowledge about posted deadlines or policies is not a permissible criterion for this petition process. Petitions must be submitted by the end of the following semester.

Students can request the following:
  • Add a course (through Week 2)
  • Postpone/withdraw from a course
  • Refund tuition charges when associated with a withdrawal
  • Change credit status
  • Appeal a course waiver decision (Certificate Students)
  • Appeal a course substitution decision (Certificate Students)
  • Appeal a prerequisite waiver decision (Degree Students)
  • Appeal a course overload decision
  • Dispute a final grade
Petition Limitations:

This petition is not used to remove or change classes or grades for the purpose of applying to another institution. Better than expected or worse than expected grades is not a valid reason to request a credit status change after the posted deadline. 

In addition, students cannot petition for:
  • An incomplete grade
  • Appeal an individual assignment grade
  • Extended course access after 1-year period ends
  • Appeal a dismissal or suspension
  • Appeal an administrative withdrawal due to non-attendance.
Students Using VA Benefits: Please contact the Military Affairs team at to find out how your VA benefits will be impacted by a change in enrollment. Withdrawing may affect your current or future benefits.

Degree Students: Please note that withdrawing from a course may impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and current or future semester financial aid eligibility.

Any approved refunds will exclude any course-specific fees and the Registration and Technology fee. Decisions of the committee are final.

Extenuating Circumstances - Provide all appropriate supporting documentation below, if applicable.

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