Prior Learning Credit Registration Request 

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Complete this form if you are planning to submit a Prior Learning Credit portfolio for the upcoming semester. 

Our team will review the courses you are planning to submit and confirm that you are eligible to receive Prior Learning Credit for those courses. 

All requests will be processed within 7-10 business days. 

If your plan is approved, you will be registered for the Prior Learning Credit course (OLGEN-100) and submit your portfolio for review as an assignment in that course. 

Please include all courses for the term in one form submission. Do not submit a new form for each course. 

Please familiarize yourself with the Prior Learning Credit Policies. Of particular importance: 
  • You may earn up to 30 credits of Prior Learning Credit towards your degree program. 
  • All credit awarded through Prior Learning Creditmust apply towards your degree requirements. 
  • All Prior Learning Credit is reviewed for your current major/program. 
  • You cannot earn Prior Learning Credit for the following:
    • Berklee Online courses that you failed or withdrew from
    • Berklee Online Internship Course (OLINT-200)
    • Your program capstone or private lessons
    • Berklee Online courses similar to those you already received transfer credit for
Course(s) you intend to apply for Prior Learning Credit in the upcoming semester:

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Students are asked to put all of the courses they plan to apply for Prior Learning Credit for in one form submission. If you did not include all of your planned courses in this form, please return to the previous page and add them now. 

If you have added all of your courses, please go ahead and submit the form!